2 more weeks

17 days down, and 14 more to go.

I haven’t really been hungry this month beyond what I would consider normal. Until today. I am so very very hungry. I am painfully hungry. I have no idea why.

Today hasn’t been really any different than the preceding 17 days. I did fast until 20 after 1p because I was busy doing stuff around the house. Then I ate 600 kcal. Usually that’s the end of it. It subsides and I get on with my afternoon. Today my stomach is still turning and roiling and tying itself in knots. I am trying to wait a bit to eat as I don’t want to burn through my calories before the evening gets here.

The slippery conditions outside will force me to the elliptical today. I should probably get that started. It might take my mind off my stomach.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

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